Terms and Conditions

Inspection purchaser Agrees to Terms and Conditions:

Opinions received on any inspection performed by VEHICLE PRE BUY INSPECTION SERVICE, VEHICLE PRE BUY INSPECTIONS the undersigned agrees to (indemnify) and save harmless VEHICLE PRE-BUY INSPECTION SERVICE, VEHICLE PRE BUY INSPECTIONS and all employees, their successors and assigns from any claim, action, liability, loss, damage or suit arising from any vehicle inspection performed for the undersigned. Undersigned or associates agrees not to make or publish negative or disputed commits of any complaint publicly or private to anyone of (indemnified) opinions before a court has concluded any harm in the event of any asserted claim.VEHICLE PRE BUY INSPECTION SERVICE, VEHICLE PRE BUY INSPECTIONS (indemnified) shall provide the undersigned reasonably timely written notice of said claim. Thereafter, the undersigned shall at its own expense defend, protect and save harmless the (indemnified) against said claim.The inspection constitutes the complete and exclusive expression opinion of vehicle pre-buy inspection service. Vehicle Pre-buy Inspections (indemnified) MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES CONCERNING ANY SYSTEM OR COMPONENT OFTHE AUTOMOBILE OR RV WHATSOEVER.The venue of any alleged lawsuit’s against indemnified or employees is reserved for Tarrant County only. upon receipt of payment thru pay pal we book your service. Once a service has been booked and, for some reason, you want to cancel notify our company 2 hours prior to the scheduled inspection date for refund or the full charge will be incurred by the person or company ordering the inspection. If the inspector arrive at the vehicle location and is unable to complete the inspection due to seller’s unwillingness to comply, at this point the full inspection cost will remain liable from the person ordering the inspection. Buyer has authorization to fund this payment. with their Paypal funds, no paypal wires,no paypal transfers, in the event of a disputed or charge back paypal will be the only finacial institution deciding the out come of the transaction. buyer agrees paypals decision is final and cannot be contested or challenged by any other financial institution.After services have been rendered, buyer agrees to no charge backs under any circumstance.