• Bronze
    Car Inspection $129

    Basic, 2WD vehicles involve a Computer Diagnosis - CCA Battery Charging system test - Starter voltage, Ignition test Confirm it will Pass Emission laws, check fluid levels, test drive, verify VIN#, odometer reading, inspection of paint-body, engine, transmission, etc., pictures and a detail report of the performance and condition. Emailed to you within minutes after the inspection.  

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  • Silver
    Car Inspection $169

    Luxury Cars, BMW, Mercedes, 4X4, Exotic, Classic, Vintage cars involve a Computer Diagnosis - CCA battery Charging system test - Starter voltage, Ignition test Check fluid levels, test drive, verify VIN# odometer reading, inspection of paint-body, engine, transmission, etc., confirm it will pass emission laws, pictures and a detail report of the performance and condition. Emailed to you within minutes after the inspection.

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  • Gold RV
    Inspection $279-$369

    • Class B Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Campers, Fifth wheel campers, RV inspection  $279
    • Class A, Class C, Motorhome, RV inspection $369

    Providing a comprehensive mechanical condition report with pictures emailed to you within minutes after inspection.

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  • Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Service


    Select one of our services above ***click the ORDER icon*** fill out information required and submit, next it will take you to payment page for check out. Once you check out we will contact the seller to set up the appointment.

  • Our Mobile Mechanic will attend with you, or with the permission of the seller to inspect the vehicle at seller's location, eliminating any hassle for you or seller.

    We will inform you technically if the used car will pass emission laws informing you of any hidden mechanical issues on the used vehicle OBD system that could be an additional financial burden to bring the auto or motor home up to code and/or legal to operate prior to purchase.

  • Make sure which ever inspection company you use can confirm your vehicle will pass emission laws, be careful on inspection operations who offer inspections and repairs that would be a potential conflict of interest. Vehicle Pre-Buy Inspections only performs inspections.

    Vehicle mechanical inspection report will give the buyer peace of mind the Vehicle, Motor coach, Camper home, you are considering buying is safe, reliable, and road worthy.

  • A used car inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a used vehicle without a warranty, or when the vehicle is located in another city or state if the buyer cannot examine the car in person. When there is no vehicle warranty, the buyer is immediately assuming all risk of prior flood damage, previous accident or hidden mechanical problems. For these reasons, a quality used car pre-purchase inspection/pre-buy inspection makes sense. Pre-Purchase inspection report and photos will give the buyer added security and convenience during a long-distance or even a close to home transaction. Used Car Pre-buy inspections are always less expensive that a plane ticket just to find the car is not as advertised.

    Don't rely solely on a Carfax, auto check, or other history reports as your only source for researching your new pre-owned vehicle. Vehicle Pre- Buy Inspection Service will check the entire vehicle from bumper to bumper and identify any body damage, test for evidence of previous poor body damage repairs with Paint Thickness Gauge, looking for signs of neglect flood damage or abuse that can be seen visibly that a Carfax report has missed. Carfax and Auto check do not report on the current condition of any vehicle as they do not physically inspect the used vehicle.

  • Therefore any mechanical or electrical issues like internal engine, transmission problems, fluid leaks will not be included in their reports. Our mechanical inspection report will help you make a better decision on what you are purchasing. (A mechanical inspection report will give you serious leverage in negotiating price.)

  • Lease Return Inspections: Private Party or Commercial Fleet

    The need may arise for an independent lease return inspection before returning your lease car or equipment. Have your own lease return inspection performed for your own records at the end of the lease to protect ''you,'' document the correct mileage, and general overall condition of the vehicle. Vehicle Pre-Buy Inspections will evaluate the vehicle's current condition and report on any excessive wear and tear items that may be present in our inspection report with pictures.

    Lease companies will recover damage and difference at the end of the lease. We perform end of lease inspections for lease customers before the lease termination date. This inspection will provide you with any excess wear and use charge that may occur when the vehicle is turned in, this inspection will give you time to repair the vehicle and make the lease turn in process quicker and easier. This could save you time and money.

    Guaranteed to get you inspected or your money back.